Monday, August 28, 2006

CEED in Germany, Stuttgart

Hallo meine Kumpels!
It´s been a while since I got back from Stuttgart, Germany where I was as a CEEDer for two months in this summer (from 7. July till 28.August). I´m telling you- that was sort of spontaneous action and I have to send a big thanks to our EB, which made this happened.

You know the situation, when you´re literally forced to spend every second of your precious time with studying for some annoying test and then (what´s even worse) get grade, which you would better forget, or even fail..Well exactly in that situation I found myself at the end of June, when the mail come:"CEEDer position in Stuttgart, Germany". Wow. That´s what I thought to myself. I didn´t hesitate a second, sent them a mail and you know the rest..;) I was lucky. We made a few calls and mails with our EB (above all with Ondra and Radim), set the expectations and off I was!

I spent a great time out there, participating at all the organisation stuff, project managing, workshops, drinking contests, conferences, travel, fun- just what the whole AIESEC is all about I guess:)

So falks, make sure, you´ll go for some CEEDing next year-IT IS WORTH THAT!



  • I totally agree - we need more CEEDers !!! Take your chance and try it :-)Its amazing experience !!! DOesnt matter in which part of the world.

    By Blogger LucinkaH, At October 28, 2006 9:40 am  

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