Monday, September 04, 2006

Living at Roosevelt dorms

Do you want to know how we spent summer together at dorms in Prague? We have continued with the tradition of living together at Roosevelt dorms. Room division was quite clear – 4 boys vs. 2 girls. Result? Intense teambuilding. We had to get used to our living habits

Girls loved our stupid jokes and deviances.
Some of us were working on computer till 2am.
Some of us were getting up at 7 am.
Some of us haven’t done washing up at all.
Some of us left laptop just for toilet or cooking.
Some of us destroyed the closet several times.
Some of us were locking the room together and didn’t want to let anyone in.
Some of us were growing plants in the fridge.
Some of us were creating very nasty sounds.
Some of us joined as well.

It was really diverse. As I said, intense teambuilding :)

We can only recommend and we will never forget…


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