Friday, September 08, 2006

A postcard from abroad

Hello @ Praha!

It has been a week since I left the Czech Republic and started a new chapter of my life.
I am now in Costa Rica enjoying my DT traineeship and I wanted to thank you all who came to my farewell party on August 30 to spend the evening with me and many other @ers at U Houdku.

It was a mixture of feelings on that evening when I was happy to see all the people in one place (and there were quite a lot of them), a little sad since I won't see you for some time and also a little nervous and curious because the adventure was about to start.

Now I am sitting 10000 km away from Prague, writing this post and looking forward to tomorrow's "Parents' dinner" - yes, there is a similarity with Prague LC :)

I would also like to thank all people who keep me updated about the news through e-mail and/or chatting with me.

Don't forget also about many other @ers from Prague or other LCs that are far away from home enjoying every day of their international experience.

Take care and I wish you good luck in everything you do!

PS. Most of the people abroad also keep up their blogs, feel free to post some comment there as well...


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