Tuesday, September 12, 2006

TLWeekend 2006

Life has moved, time has passed and team leaders arrived in Prague. At last! Whole EB could not wait to see us once again and so we met their deepest wish. As a reward we were taken out to Psovlky to enjoy, work, enjoy and enjoy; for the TLW (team leader weekend). You can imagine what it was like – we worked, enjoyed, worked and worked. What a nice end of a decent summer!

Friday was a relaxing day in the name of AIESEC identity, in the first place, followed by getting to know more about ourselves from the personal side. You would not believe how many different freaks there happen to be in our LC! The whole fun ended by 2 in the morning with us being totally exhausted from playing funny games (use your fantasy here) and dancing.

Saturday was very educating in sense of brushed-up knowledge. We got to try, once again, the selling procedure, we shared our experience, we went through all the AIESEC products, account management procedures, finance, … Well, we also ate and rested a little bit. This day was full of work. That is maybe why many of us passed out immediately after the begging of the movie we watched late at night; some individual(s) performed in quite a loud way.

Sunday, the very last day of no cell phone signal, would be boring if it was just fun. So we went through some basics concerning the newies' integration and finished the whole event by some planning. To make us smile a little bit some pretended to have missed the train back to Prague.

What a lovely weekend, don't you think?



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