Saturday, October 21, 2006

Assessment Centre

For ages, the Assessment Centre has been traditional part of SN selections. This time it was even more interesting, just read below… ;-)

70 students were divided into 5 groups by 14 and experienced many interesting tasks during the whole day – individual work and presentations, group discussions and projects, writing part as well as role play…

What about the observers? 5 Chairs & 10 externals from partner companies (Tesco, Monster Technologies, Ernst & Young, Danone and PwC) & 5 returnees & 10 AIESECers cooperated very well.

…and of course our lovely OC comprising of newies! Helca and her team (Katka, Klara, Martin, Terka) did really cool job: all the materials including badges were ready, refreshments were delicious, coffee hot and pizza tasty.. and on time! :-)

On Sunday, 30 students have been selected ;-) and invited for Tuesday’s LC Day in KPMG.
I hope we made a good choice and would like to thank all the people, who participated for their perfect performance!


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