Tuesday, October 24, 2006

LC Day in KPMG

On Tuesday 24th October, we didn’t have an ordinary LC meeting – it was the LC Day and it took place (already for the 3rd time) in the seat of KPMG in Prague.

We started at 15:00 with Big Picture. It was 2-hour long session dedicated for newly recruited Outgoing Members delivered by Martin. Our Outgoers got to know some basic info about AIESEC as well as went through the preparation for upcoming conference FEEL.

At 17:30 the newies, TLs, experienced members and trainees arrived to participate in teambuilding, which was prepared by Roman and OC of Screening. Last 90 minutes, everyone spent in their teams or attended training on Risk management (by Doban).

At the end, we all went to La Fabrique to party a bit :-)
It was really great event, I hope you enjoyed it...


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