Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lithuanian adventure continues

Yooo smažky,

so the life of two Czech facis at ENERGY 2006 conference in Lithuania
is going on.
Since last two days we have been working on preparation for sessions
(session outlines, materials, etc.)

The fact is, of 19 people working at faci premeeting, 16 of them is
using her/his laptops, everybody is somehow involved
at the conference added stuff, too (eg. punishment commando,
conference video, gossip team - guess who is doing that? ;-), etc.)

We are paying lots of attention with Petra during the premeeting
agenda to the content that will be delivered. This year, this Baltics
conference is gonna roll the CEE! It is being a big learning to be
here for international conference as faci, so it means filling in our
faci learning log to be aware of these things.

Moving to the conference that starts in 20 hours, the exciting time is
coming pretty sooon.
Stay tuned for more information.

Hana & Petra


  • Hey, Hanka... happy birthday!! :-)
    It's good, to have everything written in a diary, trust me!;)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At October 30, 2006 10:03 am  

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