Sunday, October 15, 2006

LTC flashback


do you know what happend 13.-15.10.2006 in Sec?

Yes, exactly, your answer is right - LTC 2006

But what it really meant...

* 2 agendas
* 2 wild parties
* 3 months of preparation
* 25 facilitators from 4 countries
* 26 sessions altogether
* 90 delegates

I was surprised to see our newies how friendly and open they were. It gave us a lot of motivation and new energy.

What actually happend there? On Friday we went through outdoor games, traditional Oscar awards (nobody will forget Jirka starring as an alarm clock:-) and wild Pyjamas party. Do you still remember how sexy delegates were in their pyjamas?;.-)

Saturday was mainly a day of getting to know AIESEC and developing our skills. Newies got to know AIESEC deeper and discover more about Exchange process. I think that Ondra did very good job playing the secretary during the simulation. Wasn't he seductive?:-)
Saturday evening was in the name of alumni rotation and learning circles hold by our two trainees. For sure, newies will remember the moment when they underwent thrilling adventure during Night game delivered by the outdoor team. And at the end? Party, of course!!! To provide newies with proper induction about AIESEC, we couldn't forget Topalky... Paja, Fabos, Radim, Miris and Vojta proved how fast Prague All star team could be. Do you wanna training? Don't hesitate to aproach them.

On Sunday, newies started working with their teams and creating their plans. Oldies got the chance to talk about their future and to set up their personal goals.

To sum it up, it was amazing experience for me. Being in a role of conference manager and facilitator at the same time, was very demanding and didn't let me sleep a lot, but it was worth to do that!!! For me, it was one of the most powerful moments that I have experienced in AIESEC so far.

My special thanks go to:
Matthias - for bringing a lot of inspiration to this conference
EB team - for their performance before and during LTC
Andrea and her OC team - for their hard work and optimism all the time
Hanka and her team of facilitators - for all the fun and mainly for the development of outdoor games.

So my last question...Are you ready to sail?

Thank you,


  • Hej Prazaci,

    I hope you liked LTC 2006 as I did!!
    And do remeber: "Za vsim hledej OUTDOOR tym"!


    By Blogger Hana, At October 23, 2006 8:39 pm  

  • Hey guys,

    Have your LC check out to interact with other AIESECers

    By Blogger Matt, At October 24, 2006 2:06 am  

  • LTC was amazing! I appreciated the work of the whole EB, preparation of 2 agendas was worth it! My special thanks belongs to my co-drinkers - Praha All Stars team. Cause since then I am famous "drinkie Paja" among newies:P

    By Blogger Paja, At October 26, 2006 8:27 pm  

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