Saturday, October 28, 2006

ENERGY 2006 - our faci experience

Drazí / dear all,

after 10 amazing days spent in Siauliai, Lithuania at ENERGY 2006 conference, it is time for two Czech girls to reflect their faci experience. What was the conference all about? 3 days, 250 delegates, 19 facis from 10 countries. These are the facts. Things that we experienced there are hard to be explained as there were touchy moments, too.

The conference took place in one basic school, in the most dangerous place of the city, that meant we had a security guard during the whole stay at the school! Unbelievable, isn’t it?!

Delegates slept divided by LCs in one school room in sleeping bags, we all had meals together and gathered during morning and evening plenaries in the plenary room. Sessions were divided into several tracks (we both were responsible for eXchange track), on Sunday there were some companies representatives, as well. Parties („Pimp my party“ and Global village) were delivered in Baltics’ way, there was even party chair!

We met at ENERGY our old friends (Zuzka and Lucka from LC Zlin, now studying in Riga).
Jarda, CEE GN director (ex Czech MCP), who came to Lithuania for a week long Balticsvisit spent some time chatting with us and supported the Czech spirit at ENERGY 2006.. The last, but not least one who needs to be definitly mentioned is Derek Small with his motivation speech, when new recruited members were empowered to start their real AIESEC life.

With Petra and Indre we were responsible for gossip box, we had our gossip team dance and were tooo hot :-)

Regarding facis, we were in 19 people such a wonderful team, and that means a real TEAM! At faci-premeeting that was for 2,5 days before ENERGY, we got to know each other, during the conference we managed to have faci meetings each morning before morning plenary and at night, even at midnight!! We slept in one room altogether and had intensive teambuilding during all the 10 days. Kadi, Siim, Ercan, Tiger, Indre, Ira, Slavik, Ilma, Irena, René, Ümit, Diana, Chris, Nata, Kristine, Vilmars and Herdis, hopewe will make out the faci reunion during New Year’s Eve in Prague this year!



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