Thursday, November 23, 2006

Jordan - different as well as simmilar

Hey my home AIESEC Praha :) Yes, I miss you guys, but I am soooo happy to be here on thesame hand....
Since I arrived here to Jordan I have came threw many many things / nice mostly! Jordan is very interesting country. The population itself is comming from the countries Jordan is bordering with. That is why they are different, but on the other way islam is connecting all of them. The conference Ready, Set, Go! is the name of the first conference of AIESEC Expansion to Jordan. The new generation of people decided to join the biggest students run organization in the world. Man, they are awsome dudes!!! I came here as a facilitator and working in a faci team with former MC Moni, Ondro, currently at AI and other great people.
Today is the first day of the conference. Arrived 60 people / 50% boys 50% girls. For me especially it is different, that girls are wearing different things, are valed. But on the other hand, they see the importance of the common thing that bond us together - whathever religion we belong to, whatever we wear... they have simmilar point of view as I do, when we were sharing things at the dinner. For me it is really big learning, my eyes are opened for 101%, I try to talk also with externals, that were invited for the conference. I talked to the Chief officer of Chamber of Commerce in Jordan, which was very interesting. I am glad to be here, indeed. The delegates are getting excited, so do I :)

Greetings to all of you, guys!


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