Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Україна

Hi Praha,

time goes by and so far no post about my unique travel to
Ukraine. Let me describe what has changed somehow my life and some points of view on the world.

Anna Volkova, project manager of World Without Borders 2006, invited me end September to Kiev to be
chair at Opening Conference of this project. Man, booking tickets, re-arranging plans and starting looking forward to going to part of the world that was my desire!!!
I spent in Ukraine
7 colossal days, some days sightseeing in Kiev, visiting Anna's family, eating traditional meals. And then chairing for 3 days...

Concerning the conference, the facts:
20 delegates (interns for WWB project - Singapore/Mauritius, Armenia, Brazil, Egypt, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine) - just one girl as intern
lovely site (2 rooms, one plenary room, dining room - everything shared, meaning everyone was in a close contact with everybody -> let's call it unique teambuilding ;-) )
- country presentation & Global village (delegates were for example
performing the shape of Mauritius when Jovin was explaining where it was good to go to beach)
warm breakfast every single day (yes, they cook for breakfast: chicken, rice, soup, potatoes, etc.)
chairing, you love all challenges: being time keeper, uff.., waking people up after GV with "Beautiful morning" (Ace of Base) song, thinking of punishments when you know some people might find them too nasty because of their religion, making delegates think about their comfort zone, standing in front of 7 different nations as Czech ambassador, preparing great closing speech and giving them message for upcoming 2 months...

Anything more I took from that conference? Definitly yes:
I want to go for intership as well... This moment-saying bye to all delegates at metro station when I knew they were about to stay 2 more months in Ukraine in different cities... Me heading home... No, I want to live this "eXPerience like no other" as well!!! Anywhere in the world. And you can bet that I will do so ;-)

My last comment to each of you: do you remember one LC meeting about all the experiences that AIESECers had during summer? And you feel like you are still missing something?! Just two words:


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