Sunday, November 26, 2006

Stodolni tour 2006

Each year AIESEC Ostrava organises a big party event called
Stodolni tour.
This year AIESEC Praha members together with Praha trainees could not have missed it, so we
travelled 5 hrs through the whole country on Saturday morning.

In the
train travelling in 13 people was just the beginning.
In Ostrava we ate in
Asian restaurant and went for sightseeing in the dark aftrenoon and "were supposed to see" :-) the factories from the tram.

We reached Stodolni street and met other
100 participants of the event. As there was Board of Presidents happening that weekend, MC and LCPs joined us, too. Having dinner, seeing travesti show (Jarda Skyba actively-unwillingly participating), going for treasure-drinking hunt, we went finally to the clubs there.

As you can choose from
60 pubs/clubs in Stodolni, people spread in few minutes, and later on most of us met in E 99 club. Dancing, partying, dancing - what more to describe...? :-))

Prague party delegates - the biggest party group there :-), had to leave at 4 am on Sunday, we travelled during early morning and slept all the journey back in the train. Arriving at 8:30 am in Prague, happily and tired went to our homes.
Although some "shit happens" appeared (notebooks stolen during the night from the hostel where BoP guys slept, someone was taken to the hospital, etc.), Stodolni tour 2006 was fabulous as a party time and OC who prepared it should receive a big "thank you"!


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