Sunday, December 03, 2006

DO IT adventure

Are you curious what was DO IT about? YES… So just enjoy the reading!

Are you not, but do you wanna win special Swiss prize? We suggest you to read as well :-)

Now seriously, I was thinking how to deliver our experience in attractive way… And I decided not to tell your whole story minute after minute how everything was cool, great and unforgettable... I rather tried to point out moments which I liked, when I realized something, what impressed my mind…

Anyway, what is DO IT actually about…

Biggest Swiss conference – 350 delegates, 25 countries, 4 days
Beautiful mountain site in the heart of Alps, near Italian border
Many sessions delivered by UN thanks to its close cooperation with Swiss MC

Travel to Swiss – Everything is changing so fast

Wednesday, 24:00: Our journey just began at Florenc bus station… 12 hours ahead of us, not enough space for legs my mobile just discharged and we have ½ hour delay… What a romantic beginning :-)

Thursday, 14:00: We are in Cisaplino express. We just left Zurich and the dream about wonderful Swiss countryside begins… Beautiful lake on the left hand, meadows on the right and first alpine peaks directly in front of us… Wow, how I wanna marry and live here J

Thursday, 14:03: Train stops. Michal in on the toilet, I am just finishing my lunch when Ondra Fiser says: “Hey, we are already in Arth-Goldau, we should get off now, next stop is on Italian border…!” OK, absolute mess begins, I am throwing rest of my “Bageta” to my bag, and Michal is just running from the toilet… Hope, he managed to finish everything… But finally and luckily we overtake it and left the train on time. Nevertheless, I had to challenge my braveness and return for my suite which I forgot in train when we were leaving in haste.

The Site – Luxurious barracks (kasárny)

I was quite funny… When we arrived to the site, we have seen soldiers all around… Afterwards, I realized that the site is normally military barracks and tutorial camp… But its fine, it looks good and moreover we could feel safe here J

Me as a delegate – Do we listen to internationals?

DO IT is Swiss national conference. I felt for the first time how is it to be international delegate. I felt that I have things to share, things we already experienced in Prague. I joined Swiss LCs in discussions, but it seemed to me that they are not so interested what I am saying and felt rather disturbed by my presence… And I dare to say that I have points which could help them. Anyway, it was quite huge key learning point for me. Sometimes we don’t realize how internationals could be beneficial for us. We have probably gone through problems we are now facing, set up new things we have never thought about… And we sometimes don’t listen to them although we even don’t know what they could bring us.

One more thing, it was interesting to see the difference between MC and LCs in Swiss in this area. On the other hand MC was really open to new ideas and listen. I think it’s different in the Czech Republic and I hope that we won’t ever “achieve” this gap.

Me as a delegate – Cool external perspective

What I really appreciated at DO IT were external sessions. I think it would be cool to establish such cooperation with UN as they have in Swiss. We had interesting discussion about Energy and sustainability, HIV… Moreover, they invited very inspirational professor from the university who told us about Matrix planning structure… I have never heard about it before. We had also very interesting training delivered by founder of the company Brainstore… company which is the factory on ideas working for BMW aso.

Me as a delegate – Is it good to have homegroups only because of having homegroups?

We should work in homegroups at this conference. The goal was to develop our leadership skills. In fact, we have 3 sessions together and I even couldn’t get to know people there. The result was that only 4 people out of 10 came to the closing session. I didn’t really envy to Tony who was our faci, I think he is really interesting guy and he has things to pass to people, but he didn’t get space for it.

Me as a delegate – “We love you OC, we do…”

I realized really interesting thing at DO IT, but I think it’s valid for whole AIESEC network. Let me describe it. Closing plenary just finished and the train will leave in 1 hour. OC has to pack all the things – 5 people. Michal and I decided to join and help them. Chris, MCP, joined us and helped us to transfer all the tables and stuff. The rest of the people were packed and were only chatting and smoking outside…That’s why I am asking: “Do we mean the sentence honestly?”

OK, let’s go for the competition now. 2 first right answers will be rewarded :-)

1)In which canton did DO IT take place?
a) Appelstruddel
b) Aargau
c) Wallis

2) What is it the symbol of Bern?
a) Bear
b) Beer
c) Bojko

3) Swiss national flag consist of…
a) Red and write colours
b) Blue and yellow colours
c)Pink colour

Please send your answers on: till 10th February 2007

Sorry for such a long text... Hope you enjoy the reading and I wish you visiting DO IT as well :-)
Radim & Michal

PS: That’s all from me, you can get to know more about DO IT, just check our video :-)


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