Sunday, December 10, 2006

Trainee weekend - Easter and Christmas reception

Try to imagine, that you are just waking up or sleeping yet and some strange people come to your flat with many plastic bags full of some stuff you can not descry. You want some more sleep and the only thing you are thinking about is- Gosh, what is going on? I think this is how our trainees must have firstly felt.
We (Terk
a, Jane, Mia, Honza and me) came to trainee’s flat something about 1 p.m. and we started to prepare our show about Easter. Terka and Mia brought lot of things from home, like painted eggs, postcards with Easter motives, magazines, straw hare and they made some short talking about Easter in the Czech Republic. Honza took care about advertisement and me with Jane were baking the Easter cake called the cross bun in such a small kitchen J

Firstly the situation was little bit peculiar we didn’t know how the trainees will view it. But after 30 minutes so many people came and they were really interested in what we prepared for them. After some trifling trouble with oven we succeeded in baking two beautiful cakes! We were discussing all topics connected with Easter, painting eggs with onion water and wax, drinking hot tee and eating, what we have baked J Two weeks before Christmas we spent a pleasant Easter afternoon!


en Christmas team came – The Bestsellers (Vieros, Mickey, Martin, Marťa and Roman) and we started to prepare the real Christmas atmosphere with candles, carols and some Christmas biscuits. In the beginning we said something about traditional Czech Christmas customs (and mentioned mainly those, that were for some reason funny or mysterious) and then trainees described customs in their homelands. All this was very nice, just imagine, no lamps but candlelight, about 20 people from all around the world in a tiny room, in good mood, sharing what they do home during the Christmas. Then three of us started to cook the Christmas Eve’s dinner and I with trainees was trying to predict the future from shapes that hot wax made in the water. This part was especially funny, because the most used sentence was: “Look, this is a baby!” J Another Christmas tradition was decorating of gingerbreads with kind of white icing. Also, we distributed empty postcards and said everyone to write there something in his/her mother language.

After this, girls decorated the Christmas tree and when it was finished, the long-awaited dinner came. I am sure that everyone who tasted it must admit that it was delicious J

In the end, we gave everyone a small present – chocolate figure and after collecting all postcards I randomly distributed it again and we tried to guess who had written it.

This Trainee day was very nice and I hope we will meet in the trainee flat soon to have such a good evening again!



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