Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Global Village 5.12.2006

Hmm, I guess that everybody of you has just imagined his/her last conference with all the food and alcohol tasted there... but this GLOBAL VILLAGE was special ONE!
It was organized on 5th December at our school (VSE-Zizkov) for everybody interested in different countries and cultures. All the students, teachers and visitors passing around could not only taste various menus but also get to know something new from foreigners from all over the world. The fabulous event started at and the funny and pleasant atmosphere continued till

The stalls tried to present their countries as creative as possible because there was a competition. Coming people awarded their favorite stalls with clips, that they put on the string belonging to each stall. And what do you think - who got most clips?... BULGARIA....(congratulations:) Maybe because Bulgaria had most presentersJ They offered typical Bulgarian bread – homebaked!- and red vegetable sauce. Special attraction was dance in traditional folk clothes on traditional folk music.

But other countries didn’t stay in shame. Mexican boys showed leather bookmarks with beautiful ornaments and typical cigarettes and tequila, of course. Asian inhabitants brought some scampi chips (really deliciousJ, spring scrolls with vegetable filling and gingili sweets. Canadians prepared pancakes with maple syrup. Russia attracted visitors with wooden figures of various sizes known as “matriošky”. Ukrainian girls served “pirožky“(turnovers). Many people were standing also around Indian and Romanian table, enjoying their nutritious dishes. Yaya from Mali cooked sauce from peanuts with rice. Africa was supported also by Erik from Camerun. Slovak students made success with various types of cheese and chocolate delicacies. Chocolate fans went directly to Chris from Germany and his marvelous ginger bread with raisins and fruit pieces inside. Nobody could overlook interesting postcards with Greek sea and mountains. And which country came with “gulash“? Obviously, Hungary. For those interested in Armenia there was an interesting virtual presentation at laptop.

Do u miss any country? Don’t worry - Czech republic took place there,too. Who knew the Czech celebrities from picks got ginger breads, potato crisps or “utopenca” (a sausage with onion). Their neighbour was AIESEC stall with materials about our activities, pens and balloons.
Even though Global Village is an annual occasion, this time there was a little surprise : there was a colourful map where all the visitors stuck the dots on the places they come from or they visited and fell in love with.

GLOBAL VILLAGE changed the hall in “Rajska budova” into rush crowded place. We had a lot of fun and felt the spirit of international environment. Not only OCP Mia Ambrozia with her team was really satisfied how great the event went out. I recommend all of u to come and enjoy it in next semester again. Or maybe become a part and show the others secrets about your country.



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