Sunday, June 24, 2007

Incredible India!

Hey AIESEC Praha, here are just some points I would like to share with you so that you are more wise going here (than I was) and so that you avoid any faux-pas (that I did:)

Very quiet Indian street

Rajasthanian food

  • When eating Indians use only right hand. Left hand was traditionally used for hygienic purposes and that´s why it´s considered unclean.

  • Your feet should never touch any book. Books are worshiped for giving knowledge to people and feets are considered to be unclean.

  • Girls! Do not wear short skirts (by short I mean every skirt except the one that touch the soil). I´ve worn it once and I would never repeat it here:)

  • Be prepared for uncredible and unpredictable traffic system. Meeting camel, cow, elephant, people crossing the streets and rickshas while driving is more than probable.

  • Every meeting starts half an hour later than agreed or is cancelled.

  • If you are served a meal, you should eat everything because it´s impolite to leave anything on the plate.

These were just some very basic points, if you want to know more, just check Hope you will fall in love with this country as I do.

LC Jaipur, LC Praha


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