Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Greetings from AIESEC International

Hi sailors!!
As you probably know, I’m currently on my CEED in Rotterdam. I’m really enjoying my time here and am thinking of our cool LC as well!

In the roof of Hofdijk (learn more)

Yes, it’s different
Being in touch with the AI people and global issues changes my perspectives on many topics. From time to time I’m also thinking back on (not only) the last summer, when a planning of autumn 2006 took place and I keep asking myself:
> why the hell I didn’t see these and those contexts? :)
> why the hell the people here on AI sometimes act as they have never been working on LCs? :)) (some of them have left LC level 4 years ago…;))

From LC to AI
For me it’s very interesting shift from professional point of view as well. Now you do not count realizations one by one, knowing every detail about respective X forms, but rather focus on facts that Africa GN is growing, that there is no CEE country among TOP5 (Q1+Q2) or that the whole network increased X results compared to the last year, YES!
I feel the impact, but at the same time, I do feel that everything what’s going on here has one purpose only: @XP of 22000 members in the network.

IT: global focus area 2007/2008
Let’s not talk about eXchange... which reminds me the new IS to be launched in September. I’d like to share with you my amazement about its concept, features and the overall effort dedicated to its development. Last week the IS team presented a draft of wonderful promotion campaign of the new IS, so you can look forward to news from IC in Turkey!

But it’s definitely not only about work… luckily there are working hours:-)

Jazz club: Petroula, me and Laura (finance girls - good to get on well;))

Another kind of club: Dey (PAI), me and Asier (friend from Jordan; SSGN board)

In case you’re interested in what exactly I’m doing on AI, what is the news from the AI office or why I spent one week in Jordan… visit my blog at

If you’re also having good times, wherever you are, share it here with the others as well :)


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