Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rodicak, August 2007

This special event became a tradition in LC Praha. Every summer we organize this for our parents – basically to show them what AIESEC is doing, why their children are staying whole summer in Prague, what are our results, what we are getting out of that ... Probably the most interesting part is meeting of our parents with our trainees – to show them real exapmle of our work.

This meeting is special also b/c of the reason that most of our parents are not fluent in english, so we have to translate it – we can demonstrate our language skills gained through ourmembership in AIESEC, they can see so many nationalities together at one place, ask different questions, share stories about their children and AIESEC life – that its normal to visit home once in 3 months, going to conferences every weekend, meeting friends in whole world leave to different country in few days etc. This event was amazing ! I would like to thank especially to all trainees who joined us and make this event special and unforgottable for our parents.


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