Monday, January 14, 2008

NaLDS 2007 - A life-changing experience!

This November I was a delegate at for me one of the most intensive and life changing conferences in AIESEC I have ever been to, to NaLDS in Germany.
We spend 1 amazing week in the beautiful mountain resort in the middle of Germany. We had a great fun with people from many different countries from 3 continents (Europe, Africa and Asia). I remember the great snow fight that spontaneously occurred one day as there was much snow. Surprisingly people who never saw snow in their life before were the ones who where fighting in the most cruel way, throwing others in the snow and other stuff 

We dedicated this week to find something in us, to shape our values, vision. All the people are acting according to their values but sometimes they do not realize it. Then when they find stop and think what they did, they find out it is not the thing they wanted and that they are not really happy and satisfied with their lives.

Therefore I am very thankful that NaLDS gave me this opportunity to stop and think about myself. NaLDS created the environment where I was really honest with myself. I started to realize what is really important in my life for me and what I will do to live like that. It seems really simple to do it and maybe you think it is natural that you know what you want and live like that, but try to sit down for an hour, relax and think of it once again. Do you really know what is important for you - not for your parents, friends, society - in you life? If yes, write to me, I would really like to talk to you.

Next thing NaLDS brought to me was many new friends from all around the Europe. Not people you get to know, but true friends. We were talking together about things I do not usually talk even with my best friend and these people listened to me and tried to understand me. I hope we will meet again soon. At least we plan it.

Last thing I want to write about are AIESEC conferences in general. I heard about the internationalism and diversity in everything connected with AIESEC almost once a week before. But before I left for an international conference, it all seems like something that goes beyond me. Before NaLDS we got the international conference where we talked about AIESEC expansion in Iran. I thought well, that is nice but what the hell I have to do with it. In 3 days I came to Germany and my roommate was a guy who co-initiates the Iran expansion. Then I felt how the world - especially the AIESEC one - is small.


PS: If you are interested in NaLDS, read also Zdenek`s post from November 2006, I totally agree with him in what NaLDS is about and what did brought to him.


  • Hola Martin,

    Accidentally came over your post about NaLDS '08. I understand what's behind the words and I hope you are still true to what you wrote ;)


    By Blogger Mugur, At July 23, 2008 4:01 pm  

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