Monday, March 24, 2008

SOLUTION 2008, Vienna (Feb 14-17)

Willing to experience something new connected with leadership, I decided to attend SOLUTION 2008 conference in February as delegate.

Going to Vienna, meeting few old friends there and heading for awesome venue, where the conference was just about to start.
Not a typical "get to know" delivered by Tanz die Toleranz (The dance of tolerence) offered the perspective that this conference might be delivered differently than the usual AIESEC way.
In fact, it was designed as a project of
Emersense and AIESEC in Austria.

Solution - Leadership for sustainability gave to 80 participants together with 10 people from learning team a place stop, think, reflect and create.

Built on Theory U - a
concept for personal and social transformation, using all human senses throughout the conference, using learning methods with arts and formal education, challenging our status quo & perspectives with externals of different backgrounds and reputable partner organizations and guests, empowering to act sustainabily - these are just few captured memories of this quite unique conference in AIESEC network!

All of these to build clarity, confidence, capability and courage to contribute to a sustainable future.

If hungry to know more, feel free to contact me (hana.hartosova(at)

Hana =)


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