Saturday, June 14, 2008

Looking back for term 2007/2008

...why now? In few weeks my term as MC Director for Exchange Development in AIESEC in Hong Kong will start and new stage of my life.

I still remember the time when i started to think for the first time about EB in Praha - it was at MCP elections in 2007, while eating in the break, Esko(LCP of Praha in 06/07) came to me asked me - dont want you apply for EB in Praha? And my reaction - are you crazy? Im too long in AIESEC, I was not recruited in AIESEC Praha...and his reply - I dont want to get the reply now, just think about it :-) after some time our term as VP XD responsible for the "biggest value of AIESEC Praha" - OGX realisations together with whole EB we started to fight for AIESEC Praha.

EB term was intensive learning for each of us, even for me, as I was already some time in AIESEC. We challenged each other almost every time we met, we had a lot of discussions, misunderstanding, learning, feedbacks, hours and hours of meetings, urgent emails, action steps.... and i can not forget a lot, lot of fun.
Really unforgettable 1 year. And as we gave to AIESEC Praha all the best from ourselves, I hope we moved LC Praha forward...after our term finished - all EB 07/08 members are LEADING BY EXAMPLE.

Lucka now in Hong Kong, going through MC transition
Roman and Vojta are preparing for kick- off Czech MC term 08/09
Martin is sucesfully leading LC Praha as LCP
Klara was selected as project manager of Career Days 2009 as first girl in history, and will go for traineeship to Colombia
Mishan decided to go for exchange and make his dream come thrue - he is leaving in few days for traineeship to Afghanistan, which is connected with his interest - training, facilitating and HR area

Good luck to all of us and dont forget:"Shut-up and share":D in czech : "Drzte huby a sharujte" :D


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