Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My traineeship in marcipan city

Hey, my name is Mickey and I have spent great summer in Luebeck, Germany, working for the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
My management traineeship was spacial one, as it was a part of project BUSINESS CONTACT. This project has been running for 17 years and the main idea is that the students from East and Central Europe are coming for traineeship to North Germany to different towns and different companies.
First of all we all spent weekend in Bremen, where we had ICLS (Intercultural Learning Seminar), it's a special seminar for all exchange participants...for me it was a good way to get to know others and to find out more about our and other cultures. We also had grill parties and sight-seeing:)

After that we moved to Flensburg, it's the the small lovely town on the north of germany on the borders to Daenemark...

(to be continued)


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