Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Summer in Caribbean style:)

Hi guyes,
I am Dada and I have just spent 6 weeks at amazing little island in Caribbean region called Puerto Rico. Maybe you know it as birth country of Ricci Martin, Jenifer Lopez, some Miss Universe…or as home of Bacardi and Pina Colada:)

Puerto Rico is " the oldest colony of USA",but people there speak spanish or how they say spanglish (cause during times Americans tried to change their national language and people were so confuced that they started to read english words in spanish way).

The capital city is San Juan, but in past that was the name of all island and Puerto Rico name of capital. But who changed it no one knows!
( maybe some of u knows part of this city from movie Dirty Dancing II, there its presented as Cuba, but it was made in SJ).

What about people? Puerto Ricans are friendly, open-mided culture.Its normal to visit someone during lunch or dinner time and just ask for meal with them:)
They love food! Normal meal means meat and 2,3 or more sides on one plate.Usually with rice, beans and fried platano (big big green bananas that u can cook in 100 ways:)

On the other hand they are so red-tempered, that to arggue with them is not good idea. Maybe thats the reason why is Puerto Rico famous of its violence and no. of murders.
Yes its not normal to walk around during the night and at some places niether during the day.
Each family has 3-4 cars so its not a problem, the way of living is american with taste of „La vida es para vivir!“.So lets move to...

Parties:) Parties are spite of law prohibits drinking on the streets. U can see people everywhere, in fashion clohes, girls with high-heels that Ihave never seen befor:) dancing and chatting in front of pubs, clubs..

And the most important think:)las playas...for me the island Culebra and Flamenco beach (every year in top 10 of the most beatiful beaches of the world.)
Its far from PR just 15 minutes by small plane or one hour by ferry..and its paradise...isnt it?

I am really happy that I had the opportunity to go there ( as LC development CEED if i didnt mention it yes:)and I could be one o 40 Czech people each year that visit this island!

Thaks LC for that unforgettable experince!


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