Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Summer in Turkey!


I am Sasa a I have spent half of my summer 2008 in Turkey. I have lived at my friend’s house in Ankara. I met this friend at my first international conference - CEEMOS in Tunisia!

I worked at LC Ankara as a CEED. Two days after I arrived they had huge planning congress with all the members so I got to know almost everyone.
At the beginning there were two more CEEDers – girl from USA and a guy from Canada. We worked in OGX team, got our own EPs to take care of and helped with planning for the next recruitment.

Firstly I was really surprised to see so many people at the office every day during the summer. They don’t even think about going abroad during the school break (to earn money), they jut enjoy their summer holiday or go to summer school.
Usually after work we went out for dinner or some drink. Ankara is not really a tourist city but it is a capital, so it is really busy at night. I lived close to the main shopping street with lots of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops.

LC Ankara also had lots of trainees during the summer. Their relationship with trainees was awesome. We had great cultural evenings every week and went for lots of trips. After 2 weeks I joined the Cappadoccia tour, which was something like their LC activity. The trip was for all AIESEC members from Turkey. I have seen lots of beautiful towns and places. We also went to Istanbul for a week. It is a great city – definitely one which is worth to see.
My summer in Turkey was awesome! Firstly I wasn’t sure if it is a good idea but I don’t regret anything. Turkey is a great country and thanks to LC Prague I got a chance to see it!


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