Saturday, December 12, 2009

2 months in Brazil


My name is Míša and i spent amazing time in Brazil in city called Vitoria during the summer.

I was there as a CEEDer together with another two CEEDers from Europe. VP Talent management from LC Paris in France and the second girl was LCP from LC Bristol in United Kingdom.

Vitoria is a big city – the capital city of the state Espirito Santo on the east.

What was the first shock for me? It came really soon, just few minutes after my plane set down in Rio de Janeiro. Can you imagine that I couldn say simple word in portuguese and after 14 hours of my flight, imigration police

came and told me that i have to go back to europe because of my visa documents? The situation was really bad because nobody could speak english there.Anyway after 8 hours waiting at the airport for my future-go back or stay in Brazil for my summer what i planne

d, the horror ended. I learned the hard way that AIESEC is really working and helping their members everytime.Thanks AIESEC Praha and also Vitoria and their great cooperation, imigration police decided that i can stay in Brazil.

After this horrible experience came just great things.I lived with one AIESEC member in her house with her, her husband, her mum and 5 dogs

These 2 months were the best in my life. I was working for AIESEC Vitoria.I helped them with the

new structure of OGX and I tried to help them with matching

companies and EPs. It was also something new for me so I learned some news about ICX .The best thing ever was to share my expe

rience from my LC with other people. I could discuss the situation of our LC with another 4 LCs from absolutelly different countries(France, UK, the Netherlands, Brazil).

But I also had the chance to see how normal people live in Brazil, what is normal day for students in my age, try different food (they eat rice and beans with some kind of meat every day).

I also met another 2 girls from the Netnerlands.They traveled around the Brazil and gave the LCs some trainings (they were part of ambasador program, which is made every

year in the Netherlands). I traveled a little bit with Dutch girls, another CEEDers from Vitoria and trainees. We spent 5 days in Rio de Janeiro and 4 days in Salvador. In Salvador we lived by one AIESEC member, what was also amazing experience . Her parents were in Czech republic-its wonder because not many people from Brazil were in Europe. Thanks our trips we could see how another LCs in Brazil work.

Did this experience change myself? Of course I learned how to enjoy my life, dont be in stress whole time and respect what I have and who I am.

Thanks LC Prague for the best experience in my life.


If you wonder about Brazil or CEED, you can approach me for more info:


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