Saturday, December 26, 2009

Summer in Lisbon, Portugal

Hello. I am Šárka and I would like to share some pieces of my experience I had a chance to have this summer. It was an unusual summer for me because I spent it in Lisbon, Portugal where I was as a CEED cooperating with Local Committee AIESEC Lisboa Nova.

CEED in an unforgettable experience. How many times in your life you can do what you like and what you enjoy, learn new things, meet and work with wonderful people who are students as you are and see your work growing somewhere at the same time? And you still have time to travel, party and meet new cultures.

My task was to help AIESEC Lisboa Nova develop their Incoming Exchange, work with trainees and prepare a reception process. However, I had a chance to be involved in almost all the areas such as communication, talent management or selling. We spent also a lot of time at the office working on different ideas, creating future steps, job descriptions and booklets and having a lot of fun. I was surprised that even though this LC is really young, their members were coming tothe office all the time and helping each other throughout the whole summer. They were working very hard and with a huge enthusiasm which motivated me as well.

However, first few days I could travel all around Lisbon and prepare some basic things. Lisbon is a beautiful city full of different cultures, history and athmosphere. What’s more, the beach is only 30 minutes by train and parks are all around the city. And did you know that if there is another earthquake in Lisbon, the whole city will disappear under the ocean?

People I met are my friends and probably always be. We spend a month together and enjoyed every moment. We went to the beach, travelling, partying, eating typical food and meeting still new and new people. Portuguese people, I had a chance to talk to, were always very friendly. They are very warm and open to new people, they try to understand and get to know you and it makes you feel like at home after a short time.

And what are some interesting facts I have figured out? Well, they drink beer from 2dcl cups or you can buy so called „litrosa“, which is a litre bottle. More than a beer they drink sangría, which is so good and so cheap.

They always after party go to this place, where they eat their typical soup „caldo verde“ or sandwich „pão com chouriço“. And they always party outside if possible.:)

Thanks to LC Lisboa Nova for this experience which made my summer one of the best ever.




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