Thursday, January 21, 2010

NaLDS 2009

National Leadership Development Seminar 2009, Bad Harzburg, Germany

Have you ever thought about having one week just for yourself? This dream can come true if you decide to go for National Leadership Development Seminar in Germany. There is a hidden place in the national park where you are surrounded by nature with other people from many different countries. We (Janča, Miška and Míra) experienced this unique atmosphere this autumn. We went for this self-discovery journey in order to get to know better ourselves.

The vision of this conference is to empower young people and awake ther leadership potential, such that it supports the vision of the whole AIESEC: „Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.“. However, NaLDS is mainly about YOU – to explore your values, style of leadership, connection of your dreams and reality… The additional value is also in being in homegroups with facilitators and other delegates and gaining their external points of view.

If you seek to learn, discuss, reflect and respect, here you go… to NaLDS :)

The concept of NaLDS is simple but enormously influencing. Everything begins with get to know sessions with your homegroup. Thanks to outdoor games you get trust in others. Than the actual part of getting to know yourself begins. From introducing your river of your life, through thinking about leadership generally and leadership inside you, you get to your values, setting vision and to concrete next steps that are needed to be done after leaving NaLDS. Through the whole week 2 facilitators in each homegroup support you, lead you and discuss with you. They are people who have already experienced it so they perfectly understand your feelings.

Who has not lived it, he will not understand. For me, the conference was a place where I got the possibility to get rid of my fears, where I became relaxed after many months, where I could share openly what I think, where I got the energy for next weeks, where I got to know wonderful people, where I got closer to my “old” friends, where I learnt to speak about things that are deep in my heart... I would be able to write even more words and sentences what NaLDS gave me but you would not probably enjoy just reading it. The most intensive moment was after one workshop called “My 80th birthday”. Before I went to this workshop, I had been rather pessimistic about its impact. But you would not imagine how it turned to be one of the best moments. A person is surprised how he imagines himself in 80s, and believe me or not, it is really powerful and it makes you to be moved for a while. I was so impressed with so much energy hidden inside that I had to go with a group of people to a forest just to shout as much loud as possible. Why? Simply I felt it that way.

And that is exactly what NaLDS is about. It gives you space to be yourself and to express it.

Miška & Míra & Janča


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